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Cheshire Gateway a driver of the Northern Powerhouse



Cheshire Gateway is a significant employment and investment opportunity on the edge of Greater Manchester that could deliver a Motorway Service Area similar to the Westmorland model and a premier Logistics, Science & Advmanced Manufacturing Park.  Other uses could also include a park and ride facility to serve Manchester Airport.

This is an exceptional and deliverable site within Cheshire East borough and on the edge of Greater Manchester that has the potential to accelerate the Northern Powerhouse.  It offers a unique opportunity to deliver high-quality, high-tech logistics, science and research jobs for the Northern Powerhouse and contribute to the regional growth envisaged in policies such as Atlantic Gateway and the Cheshire Science Corridor (LEP CRC).

There are no other sites within the borough that offer the employment and economic growth benefits of Cheshire Gateway, and few in the North West.

Our ambition for the future of the site is to complement and enhance its environmental assets whilst creating a distinctive quality of place.  An attractive investment opportunity that builds on the wealth of talent already here. Retaining our graduates in this region by offering more opportunities fit for our future generations, and indeed to aspire to.  Offering more opportunities through attractive job prospects and competitive opportunities for our already skilled workforce.  Helping pioneer innovation, research and advances that improve everybody's lives.

Achieving these ambitions will not happen overnight - we must plan carefully for our future.  We passionately believe by taking time to plan for exceptional developments like the Cheshire Gateway with local communities and businesses we can create an investment destination that thousands, even millions, will want to be part of and benefit from.  A location that everyone in Cheshire East will be proud of and indeed that others around the country will seek to replicate!




    The proposals would enhance two parcels of land, the Eastern parcel and the Western parcel, separated by the new A556 and by the junction of the M56/A556.  

    Cheshire Gateway is in a strategic location on the highway network with 11 motorways within 35 miles, within easy reach of both Manchester and Liverpool airports and adjacent to the planned HS2 route. 

    One of the parcels can beliver a premier Science & Advanced Manufacturing Park, and their Local Plan Strategy, Cheshire East Council seeks to safeguard 9ha of develpable employment land for science / technology based businesses.   Total site area: 185 Acres.


    Photographs are available to view that show the site.


    Cheshire Gateway is commited to sustainable development and use of first-class design and materials.

    The Cheshire Gateway team began their community consultation in early 2015 and and this engagment activiy is ongoing. 

    This is a very important part of the evolution of this site and proposals.  Please go to the community page for the latest information. 


    The Cheshire Gateway team working with a number of technical advisers from ecologists, landscapers, architects, urban designers, highways engineers and many more have begun investigations and prepared a wealth of evidence which considers the economic need, environmental improvements and potential impacts of the proposed scheme. 

    The technical works can be found on the documents page.